Mole & Gopher Traps

Moles and Gophers create huge problems for many property owners. We have a product offering that will be able to assist the property owner in getting rid of these nuisance animals. We offer the mole trap spear & gopher trap for trapping of animals. We also have the mole & gopher bait, smoke bombs & trapping supplies.
  • Revenge Gopher Trap

    Revenge Gopher Trap

    Our new patented gopher trap is quick setting with just one hand. Nothing like it in the market. Easy and safe and can be set by people of all ages. Gophers can't stop their tunneling and this trap takes advantage of that and works every time.
  • Mole Trap Spear

    Mole Trap Spear

    Standard Spear Trap - The most effective mole trap ever - Just flatten a section of the tunnel, position trap over tunnel and the mole does the rest. Spring is the best time to trap moles because newly-made surface tunnels are easy to spot. However,...