Skunk Traps

  • Skunk Trap #6

    Skunk Trap #6

    Ztraps, “Spray Proof" Skunk Trap is an effective & humane method for capture and release of nuisance skunks. The 6" PVC tube limits the skunk's ability to lift its tail. "If skunk cannot lift its tail, it cannot spray" The enclosed confines of the tube...
  • Skunk Trap #8

    Skunk Trap #8

    Ztraps, Animal Tube Trap - Constructed of one piece PVC tubing that is 5/16 inch thick, this trap is indestructible and will last for many, many years. The Nuisance Animal Tube Trap is stronger than any standard nuisance animal cage trap on the market...
  • Hawbakers Skunk and Opossum Lure - 1 oz.

    Hawbakers Skunk and Opossum Lure - 1 oz.

    Hawbaker's Skunk and Opossum Lure will increase your catch. You can not miss with this skunk lure. It contains real skunk calling ingredients and has thousands of skunk to its credit. A skunk will shuffle right up to your sets when you use this lure. ...
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    Skunk ADC Bait - 6 oz

    Skunk ADC Bait - 6 oz

    Fleming Traps Skunk ADC Bait is a bait that is designed specifically for Skunks. Skunk ADC Bait is used by professional nuisance trappers and by government and private Animal Damage Control Specialists nationwide. These baits are not attractive to...
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